Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Chinese Whisper Circle Journal Round 8

Round 8 was started by Sheila, unfortunately we don't have an image of the LO that inspired her to show you but here is her page. 
She sent this one on to Karen who interpreted it like this.
Karen sent hers to Fran who lifted the LO perfectly.

This one went to Elaine who stayed very true to Fran's page.
Tracy received it and created this one.
A very good lift of Elaine's page, I think you'll agree?
She sent it on to Frances.
Frances kept it going.......
and the round ended with Sandra's excellent lift
which is very close to Sheila's.
I think this round of all those we've seen so far
stayed on track the longest.

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  1. I agree..this is definately more true than any of the others so far. You're doing a great job with these..keep up the good work!