Thursday, 7 April 2016

Chinese Whisper Circle Journal - Round 4

This time it was Fran's turn to choose a LO to inspire the round.

and this is her take on the above page.
 She sent this one on to Elaine.
who sent hers to Tracy.
Tracy kept very much to the look of Elaine's page.
Frances too has kept the corners and photo placement,
 pretty much on track with the original.


Sandra changed the look of the corners
and went landscape not portrait with her photo
 before she sent on to Lou.
By the time it got to Lou, those corners were history!
Pennants and butterflies were introduced, still landscape though.
which I repeated in my lift of Lou's page.
Cynthia re-introduced some corner decorations,
 this time flowers not squares
 and used a portrait photo.
I think this one stayed true to the original a lot longer than some of the previous rounds,
Do you agree?


  1. Yes, the corners stayed there for a few 'lifts' and then it went off on a tangent. You're doing a great job! Thank you Maggie

  2. Very interesting to see a whole whipser run ... certainly did stay true-ish!