Thursday, 27 July 2017

Summer Snap Challenge 2017

The Senior Partner and I had such a great time ticking things off the 2017 Summer Snap Challenge list, whilst on holiday in Florida.
Here's the scavenger list, plus alternatives:-

1 a dome
2 a hanging basket
3 something sticky
4 something smaller than your thumb
5 a set of three
6 anything noisy
7 on a bench
8 an apple
9 an object you would never part with
10 a street sign beginning with the letter S
11 a reflection other than in a mirror
12 stitches
13 something tall
14 anything containing the letter Z
15 feathers
16 peace and quiet
17 something with a tail
18 a wall
19 two wheels
20 something surprising!

And your A-D Substitutes list
A a new frock
B a summer celebration
C the colour yellow
D a menu

dome, hanging basket, sticky

set of 3, bench, apple

never part with, street sign beginning with S, reflection

stitches, something tall, letter Z

peace & quiet, feathers, something with tail
wall, surprise

subs list:
menu, new dress, colour yellow.

The group shot of the me, DH, my sister Kathryn, her DH, sons Nick & Alex & Alex's girlfriend Kim was taken by a Disney photographer and the one of me & the salted caramel double chocolate ice cream sundae taken at Disney Springs, WDW, Orlando which I think Alex took.

Thanks Sue for all your hard work in organising another great photo challenge and scrap booking aide memoire.