Thursday, 28 April 2016

Chinese Whisper Circle Journal, Round 13

This bright and colourful page is the one that Tracy chose as inspiration
for her part of the Chinese Whisper CJ.
Love the patchwork layers.

and this is her take on it
which she sent to Frances
gorgeous blues!
This one went to Sandra who kept the patchwork theme going
before sending to Lou.
Lou went more with layers than patchwork
I loved the LO from Lou,
especially the title and couldn't wait to lift it
still layering and still blues.
a framed vintage seaside page from Cynthia
went to Ally who introduced the Godparents.
and Alison ended the year with a nostalgic look back at
a Family @ Christmas and a layered patchwork theme!

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  1. These are so interesting... I love seeing how they evolve.