Thursday, 31 March 2016

Chinese Whisper CJ reveal - 2nd round

This post is showcasing Lynn's choice of LO to scraplift , her interpretation of it and those that followed on around the circle.

This great page was the one that Lynn chose to kick off her Circle Journal.
 Lynn's LO went to Chrissie

 Chrissie sent hers to Sheila
Sheila sent hers to Karen 
who sent this to Fran
Fran's page went to Elaine
and Elaine sent hers to Tracey.
who sent to Frances
I'll be back soon with round 3 so be sure to keep coming back.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Chinese Whisper Circle Journal "First Reveal"

In July 2016 a new Chinese Whisper Circle Journal began
on the UK Scrappers website
with Alison as host.
14 very keen scrappers quickly signed up for what was supposed to be a 6 month CJ swap.
A Chinese Whisper CJ works differently to the usual type of CJ.
This is how UKS moderator Kitty describes the process:
1. Pick a LO you like. ** Must be a LO and NOT a sketch **
2. Scraplift it.
3. Email scraplifted LO to cj partner on last Sunday of month

MONTH 2 and subsequent months:
1. Scraplift LO received from cj partner.
2. Email your new scraplifted LO to your partner on last Sunday of month

All LO’s are passed on via email and the BONUS is that you get to keep the LO for yourself.
At the end we will have a grand reveal of all the LO's and you can see how the design has changed over the time !!
However, after the 6 months had flown by it was obvious
 that we were all having such a good time that we just didn't want the swap to end.
But..... we really, really wanted to see how the Chinese Whisper pages had developed and so
Alison and I devised a way to share all of the LO's created so far by showcasing them here on my blog.
Here we go.....................

This is the LO that Alison chose to scraplift

Alison's lift which she sent on to Lynn

who sent hers to Chrissie
who sent hers to Sheila

Sheila sent to Karen

 who sent to Fran

Fran sent to Elaine

and finally Elaine sent this one to



I think you'll agree that the original LO has changed quite a bit since the CJ started, can you spot any similarities between the first and last pages?
Comments please!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

You can never have too much of a good thing.

Five months since I last blogged, I cannot believe it!
I have been scrapping though and thoroughly enjoying being a part of the Tag Swap on UKS.
Making tags adds a whole new dimension to my scrapping as it allows me to mess around with paint, gesso, stencils and what not.
It challenges me and that's a good thing.
It also means I spend way too much time on Pinterest and YouTube!
But that's also a good thing because that's where I learn stuff.
Last month's theme "Hearts" made me try my hand at embossing for the first time, there are so many tutorials on YouTube my head was spinning.

I liked the end result.

This months theme is "Arrows".
Pinterest was my inspiration for a Project Life style tag, using PL cards that I've had for ages and never got around to using.

Another good thing.