Sunday, 17 April 2016

April tag swap - embossed card

The challenge for the April tag swap at first seemed an impossible one for me to do - use embossed card said Jill (a.k.a lemonblossom).
All well and good, but I don't possess a Big Shot or anything similar that crafters use to emboss cards and papers.
Luckily Jill came to the rescue and popped some pieces of embossed card in the post to me and so I was able to take part this month after all.

I'd had a starter pack of Faber - Castell gelatos for ages and not really used them properly so spent some time watching tutorials on YouTube before deciding to go for it and get messy.

It took me a while to feel comfortable mixing and spraying, rubbing and dripping but finally had four tags that I was quite satisfied with.


hearts, flowers & stars



Although we usually only swap 3 tags I'm going to send all 4 to Jill as I think she deserves to chose one of them to keep (if she likes them that is!) before putting the remaining 3 into the swap.


  1. They're all lovely Maggie. Well done on using the gelatos

  2. Can't wait to get these & i'm going to be spoilt for choice as to which one to pick.

  3. Lovely fun tags and all so different.