Friday, 28 June 2013

The Flyers Circle Journal - Elaine's Bucket List

Elaine's theme for our circle journal this time around is "Bucket List".
Since a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die I don't have any pix because I haven't done them yet! If you see what I mean?
What I do have though are masses of photographs of our trip last April to Italy's Amalfi coast which had long been on our bucket list and consequently has now been "ticked".

opening the left page reveals journalling
and a photograph of  beautiful tiling outside a shop
famous for products celebrating the amazing Amalfi lemon

A trip to Italy’s Amalfi coast had long been on our bucket list and not just for the stupendous lemons famously grown in the region.
In 2011 we went online and discovered a small family run restaurant and B&B, “La Tagliata”, situated high in the hills overlooking Positano.

The reviews of this family run “jewel” serving food fresh from the terraced gardens made us determined to go.

opening the right page reveals the rest of the story
and Amalfi lemons grown on the property.

Because La Tagliata only has two guest rooms it took us over a year to get a reservation.
It was so worth the wait to be able to experience that amazing view for ourselves.

To make our stay even more memorable our wonderful driver, Vittorio, took us to the beautiful cities of Ravello, Sorrento and the ruins at Pompeii.
Un meraviglioso viaggio, ci vediamo!


  1. Oh that's fantastic I'm sure she'll love your entry in this!

  2. Lovely pages Maggie,I'm sure she'll love them.
    C x

  3. I do indeed love them! and interestingly it was already on my bucket list! I'm hoping to go next year.. and now I may have somewhere to look into. Thanks so much Maggie