Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Winter Snap Challenge!

Sue and Alison two wonderful ladies who do so much to keep us all scrapping and chatting over on the UK Scrappers website have come up with a great Winter challenge to get us thinking out of the box when taking photographs to scrap.
I enjoyed their Summer Snap Challenge last year and can't wait to get started on this list

The 1-20 list …
1. a clock at 12
2. green or red or gold
3. a shop window
4. winter trees
5. baking
6. shadows, reflections or a silhouette
7. lights
8. chocolate to eat or drink
9. a bridge
10. a cone
11. the holly and the ivy (one or both)
12. anything frozen, icy, glistening
13. lambs, snowdrops or any sign of spring
14. foot prints, crunching
15. bedtime
16. cosy socks or mittens or hats or scarves
17. a hand-addressed letter
18. a house number the same as your birthday
19. a cobweb
20. a street busker, playing

And your A-D Substitutes list
A a favourite from Christmas
B film or book
C your handbag
D hands


In fact so keen am I that I've started already!!

#17. hand addressed letter

from my lovely friend Susan who lives in Dallas, TX. Her annual Christmas card of her and her husband John with their 4 gorgeous grandchildren.
Two shots of Fleur taken on a morning walk. Taking care of # 6 & 12.

3 more to cross off the list 

# 4. silver birch trees in our garden

#5. baking - spiced gingerbread (Hairy Bikers recipe)

#18. house number. it's my birthday!
I photographed this bridge in Port en Bessin after a great lunch of moules a la crème and frites.

# 9

On a weekend walk I spotted some fallen pine tree twigs and cones on the ground, casualties of the terrific gales and wintry weather we've experienced recently.

# 10
Back to update the list once again before the end of January. I've still a few to get yet but have until the end of next month to get them all.

#1. clock at 12.00
#13. signs of spring!

#14. Fleur's footprints in the sand

First week of February already gone by and a couple more to tick off the list.
# 16 -scarves

# 11  holly
Seven still to find, I think a busker might just be asking too much, I can  probably find a cobweb (!) and the rest should be doable in time.
Two of the final seven to add today.
Still missing lights, chocolate, bedtime, a cobweb and a busker!

#2 a gold cherub

#3 a shop window decorated for Valentine's Day
These last few are proving very tricky!
Yesterday, at lunch in Valognes, I managed to get two more.
Since there is no chance I'll find a busker I've gone with a substitute instead.

#8 - chocolate (mousse)

Substitute D - hands.
(The SP enjoyed a steak hache with a pepper sauce & frites)
The cobweb is a cheeky one because I took the photo on New Year's Eve, I hope I'll get away with it!

O.K. so today I went out and found that the hedge had been cobwebbed overnight!

# 19 - cobweb
and first thing this morning when I put the lights on in the downstairs loo I got # 7!

# 7 lights
Just # 15, bedtime to get and then I'm done!
Here it is at last my final snap to complete the Winter Snap Challenge!

# 15 - bedtime
listening to the Archers podcast!
My scrapbook layout featuring my selfie photo.


  1. Great start..looking forward to getting going again too.

  2. super photo of you and I love the footprints one Yummy to the gingerbread I could just eat a piece of that right now

  3. You are definitely on your way for this challenge. I like the prompts they came up with. Your selfie is great!

  4. Yay! You did it Maggie. Well done. What a great set of photos! Thank you for joining in,
    Sue x