Monday, 9 January 2017

Cherish Family Time Together

This is a LO that I did for the January week 1 challenge on UKS using one of the prompts from the Winter Snap Challenge - a hand addressed letter.

I scrapped my internet Sis Susan's annual Christmas card photo of her and husband John with their four lovely grandchildren.
I layered the photo on top of the envelope and some cardstock and added a hidden journaling card describing five of my current favourite things.
Spiced gingerbread, (baking);
The Island - Victoria Hislop (book);
Mosaic Mondays (the weekly photography meme that I host on my Normandy Life blog);
Sherlock (TV prog.with the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch)
and finally
Orlando Theme parks (we're planning a trip to Florida in July and there's so much to read about what to do and where to go)

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely family photo of your sisters family Maggie.
    using a plain back ground paper really makes everything else stand out more.