Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April Scrap-A-Sketch challenge

This was the sketch provided by Heather for the April Scrap-A-Sketch challenge.

The unusual placement of the three photographs had me flummoxed for a while and I considered using just one photo with two journaling cards.
In the end I persevered as I wanted to scrap our trip to Betty's tea room in York last month and the pretty antique Quimper vase which I took there with me.

The Quimper Club website is running a fun feature showing members photographed holding a piece of Q in unlikely locations all around the world.
Compared to the other places where Q has turned up, Brazil; Antarctica and the Biosphere in Arizona, York may seem pretty tame but it made a great subject for a LO and that's more than o.k with me.


  1. I can think of no where nicer than Betty's in York surrounded by delicious cakes, my fav ... erm a fat rascal

  2. Well done with your perseverance ... it was worth the effort!

  3. I'm totally with Tinker Taylor, you can't beat a fat rascal but they are huge! Love Betty's but then I would being from Yorkshire LoL!

    Your interpretation of the sketch is lovely.