Saturday, 22 September 2012

Blue Brads House - Fun Night.

Last Wednesday evening Sarah & Leanie from the Blue Brads House hosted a Fun Night for us all to enjoy.
Sarah kicked things off with an exciting game of Bingo! Trust me, you had to have been there! At the end there were 4 of us waiting for one word "washi". Sylphraven yelled BINGO first and won the game. The rest of us were just grateful for the chance of a comfort break, IYKWIM!
Once we were all comfortable again, with snacks, wine, tea, someone even brought a jacket potato (!) it was time for Leanie's challenge. Make something BLUE,  right here, right now and get it uploaded tout suite.
Luckily, I was only inches away from my craft table and was able to make a tag in about 5 minutes flat.

Yea! I won!
More challenges from Sarah (blue LO) & Leanie (a niche book, with tutorial) followed, the deadline to have these completed is Wednesday 26th, which is a good thing as by then I was fading fast and pining for my bed.
It really was an excellent social evening, some of us even learned something during the Bingo and we hope to repeat the event every four weeks or so from now on.

I made this tag as a gift for Sarah

If you're a Blue Bradette be sure to check the SG thread so you don't miss the next evening which is provisionally set, I think, for the 10th October.

and this tag as a gift for Leanie 
As a small thank you I made a couple of tags to send to Sarah & Leanie for all the hard work they put into making the first BB fun Night such a great success.
Thanks girls!