Friday, 18 April 2014

April Fool's Day joke -were you right?

On the 1st of April I teased you with 3 questions about me, one of which was false.
Over 20 visitors left a comment and opinions were divided between #1 and #2, was it the butterfly or Cliff?
Well, I can now reveal that Cliff and I did indeed chat whilst waiting to board a flight from Munich to London. The night before he had been in concert at the Munich Olympiahalle and along with about a dozen friends and hundreds of other Cliff fans I had boogied the night away, singing along to all our favourite songs. It would have been rude not to let him know how much we had enjoyed the performance, don't you think?
So, really?? 
Do I look as if I'd have a tattoo??
 Those of you who guessed #1 were correct!
Bethany @CKCB has revealed the incorrect answers and the winner of the giveaway
and it's -  Lesley G

Here's my take on the CKCB Challenge #1 - Blog Design Challenge. 

I chose to scrap the design of  Master Forger Julene's blog header 
 for my Easter Greeting to you all.

Joyeuses Pâques


  1. Unfortunately that makes the gall bladder one true too - poor you :(

    Happy Easter to you too :-)

  2. A great take on the header and happy easter to you too.