Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Flyers Circle Journal - in these shoes I don't think so!

When I first heard what Jools had chosen as the theme for her  cj "in these shoes I don't think so!" I have to admit I was flummoxed.

Then Jools told me about the song by Kirstie McColl , and I was none the wiser!

I did finally get an idea of what I wanted to do and luckily, when she received the pages yesterday, Jools said they made her laugh & could relate!

The journaling on the tag, hidden behind the photo of me wearing flip flops in the snow, reads:
In my 20's, 30's and well into my 40's I loved to wear  high heels. 
Now I seem to live in either crocs or flip flops, depending on the season.
That's why when it snowed here in January I had to say
"in these shoes? I don't think so!"


  1. It's super Maggie...and you were brave in the snow in flip flops :) I know the feeling though with age the height of your shoes gets lower, though I do still get the high ones out for special occasions :D

  2. Brilliant Maggie... I have blogged my received pages from Heidi if you want a peep. I forgot to photograph the ones I sent to you so maybe you would be so kind when you get yours. Thanks

  3. Flip flops in the snow?! LOL My toes are shivering at the thought! A super CJ page, Maggie.
    Sue x

  4. Brilliant project & Brrrr chilly :D

  5. what a cool shoe mini album !